Don’t Give Up On Good Vision, It Takes Time To Develop

 “then the Lord answered me and said, write the vision and make it
plain on tables that he may run who reads it.”  Habbakkah 2:2-3

There is so much good written material on the topic of developing and championing vision that I dare not add anything else. Vision is awesome, it is great, it fuels passions and raises hope.  Vision also provides direction and focus.  On the other hand, there is one thing about having a vision that is not so great….the time it takes for it vision to be fulfilled.  This is the part that sucks.  Why?  Frankly our flesh does not work well with waiting for anything.  We want fast food, fast cars, fast money and fast relationships. It is very difficult to wait.  As a matter of fact, the longer we wait, the worse we feel.

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time.”

That’s why the same passage states that a vision can not be stopped because the vision is for an appointed time; we get discouraged……with the concept of time.  God’s timing is not our timing. God is time. God wrote Revelations before He wrote Genesis. Now go figure that one out. Yes, God put Christ on a cross before he put Adam in the Garden of Eden. Revelations 3:13 says “before the foundations of the earth, the Lamb was slain.” Only God can do something like that. The Lord doesn’t work from beginning to end, he works from end to beginning. Therefore, the Lord provides our end and the provision to get there before we receive a vision.  This means that the vision will come to pass…..just give it a little time and don’t give up.  Trust that your vision will speak and it will not lie. Why does the bible say that it will not lie? Satan lies to us all the time about time.  If we don’t get it fast, satan tells us to give up hope and stop working towards our goals. Perhaps you should have kept on working at it, while waiting for the appointed time.

“He planted some trees eastward of Eden.” Genesis 2:3

Be confident in what you believe God told you to do.  Know for certain where you are going.  Don’t be discouraged in your season of  “not yet”, there is more character development for you to experience. Adam was not created in a day, although it may seem like it when we read it.  Scripture says


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Adam was formed. That word means literally to shape and mold through a process. The bible also says that one day to God is like a thousand days to man. Our concept of one day is not accurate enough to understand certain biblical passages.  Adam experienced a process of creation. Note that with everything else in creation God said “let there be” but with Adam he formed. There is a distinction here that is significant for us who are experiencing vision delays: certain processes of development must take place before we are  ready to be where God wants us to be. Certainly the longer vision takes, the heavier the weight becomes in spite of the fact that we “feel” like we are ready to enjoy the garden blessing. God planted this garden and prepared it for Adam, much like he has planted a place for you to blessed and has prepared for you as well. There is a season, a place that has been specially prepared by the Lord, if you can patiently and faithfully endure the time that must past.

The Lord God gives you the vision; He takes you through the process to build you up so that you can experience the full blessing of your vision. Then, He puts you in the place where you are supposed to be to live out that vision. You have to wait for the appointed time. DO NOT believe the devil.  Wait in faith.


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Author:De'Andre Salter

De'Andre Salter is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and senior pastor of The Tabernacle, a fast-growing, non-denominational ministry in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Salter is a self-made success and CEO of Professional Risk Solutions, LLC, the largest minority-owned specialty brokerage firm in the United States. A Jersey native and Drew University graduate, Salter was honored as one of the “Top 40 Black Executives Under Forty” by The Network Journal. In addition to winning souls, he has a vision to build communities through supporting entrepreneurs. His book,Hope in the Hood, is a springboard to helping others who hail from neighborhoods like his in Newark, build and grow businesses in their community. He is offering not just a step-by-step action plan, but also financial resources.

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