Throw It Overboard And Survive – Acts 27:18

“And because we were exceedingly tempest-tossed, the next day they lightened the ship.”

How long shall the tempest and violent waves be ignored by the sojourner in a storm? Often times we feel helpless during great seasons of trial, failing to the realize that is a way that will help us endure to the end. At some point, survival instinct demands we change the what, how or why we are doing…so that we can live to sail another day on calmer seas. The Apostle Paul‘s crew made the decision to lighten their load when the storm was overbearing. By lightening the load, it gave them the best shot at survival. Why do we hold on to things that are causing us to sink deeper and faster? Often times we take too much with us for the journey when faith only required our heart. Let go of the material things that are causing you stress, relinquish the opportunities that are draining your resources. To make it through this storm you need a word from the Lord but to stay afloat you may need to let go things go that are holding you back from peace and safety.


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Author:De'Andre Salter

De'Andre Salter is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and senior pastor of The Tabernacle, a fast-growing, non-denominational ministry in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Salter is a self-made success and CEO of Professional Risk Solutions, LLC, the largest minority-owned specialty brokerage firm in the United States. A Jersey native and Drew University graduate, Salter was honored as one of the “Top 40 Black Executives Under Forty” by The Network Journal. In addition to winning souls, he has a vision to build communities through supporting entrepreneurs. His book,Hope in the Hood, is a springboard to helping others who hail from neighborhoods like his in Newark, build and grow businesses in their community. He is offering not just a step-by-step action plan, but also financial resources.

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