What Is Wrong With The Black Church?

Let me first say, that I do not write this to be visceral in any way, I write this as a pastor who is very, very concerned about some of the games being played on black people by charismatic preachers.  Second, let me say that I am a black preacher and I am charismatic, so I have a right to point out the truth about a group which includes myself.

I just watched a video of a young woman who brought a large stack of money to Bishop Eddie Long during a sermon where he was making an appeal to raise money for “church plants.”  After this woman gave her money to the Bishop, the dramatic movie-themed music began to play and pandemonium broke out as the supportive sheep in the pews went into a giving hysteria (see video and special reports below from  Ringo TV or Young Turks, both on youtube – Warning:  Young Turks video has a few graphic words). This is one of the main problems with the black churchTHE BLACK PREACHER IS GOD.  Black people yearn for every preacher to be like Martin Luther King and lead them to the promised land but instead,  like sheep, they are being led to the slaughter.  Does the pastor really need to be a celebrity? Or should the pastor be a servant and model leader? With such actions, it is no wonder that people think that the only thing preachers and churches want are power and money! It’s hard to argue against them these days.

First, unemployment in the African American community is the highest in the nation, nearly 16%, so who are the black people who have stacks of money sitting around waiting to give to the church?  If you know a black person who just has a stack of money to give away, please tell me who they are so I can hook them up with missionaries who could use that money.

I’m not saying that people should not be generous to the church and the preacher, but c’mon, a stack of money!!!!  For what?  To sow into the ministry of a man who was just accused of molestation and homosexual relations, and was never publicly acquitted of his charges??  Therefore, everyone who sowed, potentially sowed into planting more churches under a man who was accused of heinous behavior.  Don’t get mad at me if you are a member of New Birth or his generous television audience, but you people are silly (I teach my members better than this).

What ever happened to Paul’s instruction that the Bishop ought to be blameless?  (Titus 1:7; 1 Timothy 3:2). Settling a lawsuit is not blameless.  Blameless is fighting for your name to be cleared like you vowed to do.  Moreover, this was clearly an act of manipulation.  The timing of this offering seems so contrived.  She was obviously planted to give the money and cause a dramatic moment.  If not, then “Baby Girl,”  as Bishop Long called her, ought to get her head checked.

Now, believe me, I am the first to know that pastors and churches have needs which ought to be met.  Biblically, the needs of the church and the pastor should be met generously by the congregation (1 Timothy 5:17 Phillipians 4:18-20).  I currently am not compensated by my congregation (2 Thessalonians 3:8), since we have bigger priorities right now, such as spreading the message of Jesus Christ.  Perhaps, one day, my church will bless me.  In the meantime, I am more than grateful for the few who do bless me financially to let me know that they appreciate the long hours and emotional challenges I endure to lead them.  Per the Apostle, in the church relationship, pastors sow spiritual fruit in preaching and the people sow material fruit to support their ministry (1 Corinthians 9:11). Yet, I can not see how or why, a preacher would prey on poor innocent black folks.

There needs to be a balance.  People SHOULD give generously to the preacher and the church.  People SHOULD NOT be manipulated and taught a prosperity Gospel which construes their giving to be nothing more than an investment for guaranteed riches from God.  My heart keeps hurting when I see people duped by one they trusted with their hearts.  If you are a preacher reading this post, I pray you let the Holy Spirit minister truth to your heart on this issue before Jesus judges the earth.  If you are a member of a predominantly African-American church, I pray you find balance-honoring the Lord with your giving without abandoning your common sense.

Now, for those of you who are offended that I am singling out black ministers and black churches…..well it’s simple, we are doing most of the damage to ourselves.  Ain’t that a shame?!!!




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Author:De'Andre Salter

De'Andre Salter is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and senior pastor of The Tabernacle, a fast-growing, non-denominational ministry in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Salter is a self-made success and CEO of Professional Risk Solutions, LLC, the largest minority-owned specialty brokerage firm in the United States. A Jersey native and Drew University graduate, Salter was honored as one of the “Top 40 Black Executives Under Forty” by The Network Journal. In addition to winning souls, he has a vision to build communities through supporting entrepreneurs. His book,Hope in the Hood, is a springboard to helping others who hail from neighborhoods like his in Newark, build and grow businesses in their community. He is offering not just a step-by-step action plan, but also financial resources.

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4 Comments on “What Is Wrong With The Black Church?”

  1. +Archbishop Vincent
    June 28, 2011 at 7:53 PM #

    Grace & Peace! Pastor “D”,

    All I could possibly add is a resounding “AMEN”!!

    +The Lord bless!!!

    +Abp. Vincent (McCall)

    • June 29, 2011 at 12:49 AM #

      Thank you for the amen, ArchBishop McCall …we know judgment begins at the house of God. The Lord bless you and keep you in His good work.

      Pastor D

  2. Francine Harris
    June 30, 2011 at 4:04 AM #

    I believe that it is a shame how brain washed we have become today. I can remember the time when I came to the Lord how some of the preachers that I knew had so much love and power with God that they would work with a soil almost all night as long as God’s presence were on them. Thus they would sing so hard that sweat would be coming down their face because they loved soils. they would even take time to cast out demons,we knew that they were demons because we heard the speak out the person. They would work with that person until they were set free. They would fast and pray until there clothes hung off of them. People like me that came from the streets were delivered and received the Holy Spirit according to Acts 38 and I don’t mean just receive a blessing.They would call us and work with us even before we were baptizes. Now you have these teaching preacher’s that call themselves ministers that only talk to people already in the church and sell their tapes. These so called preacher’s make thousands of dollars. Some of them won’t even pray for the people one on one. They mainly preach prosperity messages. Some the preaches’s back in the day would preach until it felt as if heaven was here on earth. People now days are being deceived and don’t even know it.

    • July 1, 2011 at 2:16 AM #

      Now, I gotta give you an amen. I got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, in a church much like the one you described. I too remember the revivals and preachers under heavy anointing. Yoke breaking anointing. In our church we still see such miracles and life change. I agree with you, that we can credit it to the laboring in the word, fasting and praying. Thank you for your comments.

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