About Me

Hello, I’m De’Andre Salter, or as my congregation calls me…Pastor D.  I serve as the senior pastor of The Tabernacle, a fast-growing, non-denominational ministry in South Plainfield, New Jersey.  My journey to the pulpit has not been a traditional one.  I did not attend seminary prior to becoming a pastor (although I did attend later, more for my own personal benefit, not that I felt the need to validate my call or anything like that).  My leadership development began as an executive in the insurance industry (see the parallel?? Salvation is insurance…okay, never mind, just google search me and you’ll figure it out).  After my corporate success, the Lord moved me into the wonderfully taxing world of small business ownership, where I learned how to walk in faith and trust God for everything.

I love to serve others and I have a passion for building stuff.  I have built divisions, products, companies and ministries.  I’m human, I make mistakes, but I my goal is to minimize them, repent and try it again (hopefully with better results).  I do have a college degree (from Drew University), I have attended seminary (The Kings College & Seminary and Oxford University graduate study program) and  have been on some tv shows and in plenty of magazines (I could careless but I thought you might be interested…people are so media conscious today and they love celebrities, especially celebrity pastors….I digress again).  I also have a book coming out (whenever my publisher/agent stops sitting on their hands and gets this thing moving….I don’t even know what the title will be at this point, so stay tuned).  Uhm, so what else would you like to know?  Oh yeah, I’m married to my childhood sweetheart , Terri Jones Salter (famed author of  the original “Sins of My Mother” novel, not that knockoff made for TV version) and I have four beautiful, smart and God-fearing children.

I pray this blog, magazine or whatever this thing is, blesses you and yours in some special way.  I aim to serve and please Christ alone (so no need to hate on my pages, you can keep your drama to yourself!).


Pastor D


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