If The Sin Don’t Fit You Must Acquit – Isaiah 53:12

Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many,and made intercession for the transgressors.”. Isaiah 53:12 NIV

What a great comfort it is knowing that Jesus was numbered amongst us sinners. Yes, the people of his time called him a sinner against the laws of the day, both Jewish and Roman. Yes, a sinner; he who came to bare the sin of many. Jesus was and is associated with us similar to the way we associate criminal defense attorney‘s with the criminals they defend. Most people think of criminal defense attorneys as low grade because they defend the worst of offenders. The bible confirms that Jesus, being our High Priest, is our great intercessor, our advocate and our defense attorney. He stands between us, the judge and the jury. Like Job, in the courts of heaven, the devil accuses us of unrighteousness and sin and Jesus argues our defense by his blood. Let’s not be confused, satan has a great case, we did it, we are the criminals of creation. But Jesus says, “your honor, I present the cross as evidence that this crime has been dealt with.” When we are called to the stand in prayer we can plead the blood like the fifth amendment. “Your honor, I plead the blood on fear that my sin may incriminate me,” we can cry out in prayer. What we confess to our defense counsel in prayer is not admissible in court! Satan makes objections to every mercy, every grace, every second chance but he is overruled, our defense is solid in Christ. Satan has a tough case, he has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we are sinners – only the Lord can determine salvation. Jesus is not the typical low brow criminal defense attorney, he’s the Johnny Cochran of sin offenses. He shuts the case down proclaiming the blood, his scars, his wounds and his suffering on the cross all for the propitiation of our sins. He turns to the jury and then declares the blood evidence can’t tie us down to sin, declaring, “if the sin don’t fit you must acquit.” Stunned, the devil asks for a recess so that he can find more evidence. The christian has great benefit and defense in Christ, who by his blood secures us mercy and grace, so that we can change. He does not defend us so that we continue in sin and eventually get sentenced to jail, I meant Hell. He defends us so that we can repent and turn toward the Father, presenting ourselves in humble service. Start using your prayer to get a second chance by repenting from sin and living the Christlike life.


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Author:De'Andre Salter

De'Andre Salter is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and senior pastor of The Tabernacle, a fast-growing, non-denominational ministry in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Salter is a self-made success and CEO of Professional Risk Solutions, LLC, the largest minority-owned specialty brokerage firm in the United States. A Jersey native and Drew University graduate, Salter was honored as one of the “Top 40 Black Executives Under Forty” by The Network Journal. In addition to winning souls, he has a vision to build communities through supporting entrepreneurs. His book,Hope in the Hood, is a springboard to helping others who hail from neighborhoods like his in Newark, build and grow businesses in their community. He is offering not just a step-by-step action plan, but also financial resources.

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